Pakistan is a country which has an organized, structured and planned health care system, at least in theory and on government papers. Most of it is in a state of organic decay which is the result of bureaucratic incompetence and red tape. 

A very important cause of this decay is the deliberate and conscious assault on the Public Sector health care system by the ruling elite of Pakistan in the name of “reform”, “devolution” and “de-regulation”. These reforms have destroyed the health care system. From the very start Pakistan had two parallel health care systems, public and private. The private sector’s share in health care was very small. Most of it consisted of the private practice of doctors in their communities. Initially this private practice was part-time and not very expensive. The bulk of health care existed in the Public sector. It was organized in the late 60s and early 70s The only solution to the crisis of health care and the intolerable cost of caring for the sick is to stop making health care a business. It is time to stop the Privatization of the health sector, and increase the investment in the public sector. The defense budget must be cut and spending on health increased and new hospitals and medical colleges should be opened in the rural and backward areas. Priority must be given to Primary Health Care and Preventive Medicine. Immediate end to the contract system and restoration of Public Service Structure for the Doctors and Nurses The battle for universal health access for every Pakistani can only be won through joining it with the struggle for a socialist transformation of the society. So it is time for the doctors and nurses to join the struggle because now it’s the struggle to save the medical and healthcare system as well.