He is the founder and chairman of GHWO, he aims to remove poverty and help poor peoples. GHWO is one of the longest established Muslim charities, and over more than three decades has served the needy of the many countries around the world. Its mission and work is now needed more than ever and it is important that it is able to respond effectively. 


  • To establish educational centre library and technical training centers.
  • To establish industrial home.
  • To establish the health care centers for the poor and needy peoples and help them through dispensaries, hospitals and provide medicines free of cost or lowest charges.
  • To provide vocational training to the poor students on nominal charges and to help the deserving.
  • To arrange the funds for saving credit programs.Micro enterprise development program and income generating programs for jobless and disable centre.
  • To establish computer training centre.
  • To establish Gulistan-e-Shadab for poor peoples.
  • To endeavor for the welfare of old age persons.
  • To improve women and children protection program.
  • To make relationship between Pakistan and other Countries.
  • To improve advocacy program.
  • To solve human rights problems.
  • To make employment programs.
  • To make communication and media culture programs.
  • To spread information and technology programs.
  • To make welfare of labors.
  • To make longer rural development programs.
  • To develop environment and natural resources programs.
  • To protect child and women labor rights.
  • To improve infrastructure development program.
  • To setup prisoners aid program.
  • To endeavor civil municipal facilities improvement.
  • To establish emergency rescue training centre.
  • To improve youth and culture beneficial program.

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Plot # 152, 1st floor, block-4, near Kamaran Chowrangi, Gulistan-e-Johur, Karachi, Pakistan.

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